What Do We Do

Big Heart Church is not just a Sunday event

We believe we are meant to do life together so we provide weekly opportunities for you to connect and grow with others. At Big Heart Church we are always looking to provide a variety of midweek opportunities for you to connect with other believers both online and off.


We do this three ways:


1. Life and Interest Groups

Life and Interest Groups are an opportunity for you to connect with others, build new friendships, have fun and grow together in your Christian Faith. Life Groups are primarily hosted in homes or coffee shops with a focus on building you in your Christian Faith. Interest groups revolve around common interests - there is no limit to the activities we enjoy in life and we believe there is no obstacle to what should define or limit an Interest Group. Our aim in both Life and Interest Groups is to glorify God in all we do.


2. Grow Strong

Big Heart Church aims to provide opportunities to help coach and develop you to find your fit in God's family.  Throughout the year we will provide a variety of training and development opportunities which will encourage you in your faith and help you grow personally and spiritually.


3. Commission

Big Heart Church is not a one man act. It is a community of believers who love God and love others. We are a church which looks for creative opportunities to serve firstly our local community and secondly the world. Our vision is to be a church that provides opportunities for everybody to encounter Jesus and be equipped and inspired to live a life of freedom and hope, and our mission is to create safe spaces to see everybody fulfil and be fulfilled in God’s purposes.


To do this we want to give you a chance to use your unique gifts and talents to help grow God's church and fulfil His commission to "Go" into all the world and make disciples.  We believe that whether you are just beginning a journey of faith in Jesus or have walked a lifetime with Him we can help you to find a place to serve in the community of Big Heart Church.