What To Expect

Big Heart Church our heart is for creating communities with a message of hope. We aim to do this through interactive experiences both online and off.

Our online and offline gatherings will share similar components. We will normally begin and finish with a musical component where we sing songs about and to God, celebrating what He has done for all humanity.

 We have a 25-35 min presentation or discussion that is practical, inspiring and at times challenging based around biblical truths which will help you grow personally and spiritually. We also hope that it will give you a greater insight in to what it means to live as a true follower of Jesus.

At times throughout a service at Big Heart Church we will provide opportunities where we can pray with you, both individually and corporately.

We believe that because of God's intelligent design we live in a world of beauty and wonder which we are called to take care of for this generation and the next. We believe that through God's Son, Jesus, we can know God, and through His grace we can live a life of purpose, freedom, hope and love. It is for this reason that we look for creative ways to say thank you to Him.

At Big Heart Church we would love to help you get connected and to provide opportunities to help you find and develop the ways you can say thank you to God as well.

Giving At Big Heart Church:

At Big Heart Church we believe in the biblical principle of % giving, and we will provide an opportunity during every service for you to give back to God as an act of worship - it is just one way we say thank you.

We may also from time to time take up a special offering. This is usually done for the support of special projects both local and international or to say thank you to a guest ministry who is helping to invest in the lives at Big Heart Church.